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About this website!

This website provides free E-learning for programming and web designing languages. Programming languages help’s to develop software. Examples: C, C++, visual basic, java etc……. designing languages help’s to make websites. Examples: HTML, PHP, Asp.Net etc………

About Programming!

We are start learning from basic programming language “C”. “C” is a CLI (command line inter face) base programming language. It is known as origin of programming languages. After then it’s modified and upgraded version come, it is known as C++. It is also CLI base programming language. But it is provide batter security and functionalities. Visual basic and Java are advance programming languages. They are GUI (Graphical User interface) base programming languages. They are providing best data security and functionalities.

About Web designing !

If you are read this information so you are know about websites. How they Build? They are Build using HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Asp.Net etc... They are also languages but it is using only make website.

For Users Help!

If have any questions or queries you can ask us. E-mail: Or you can also send your questions through comments.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

HTML introducton.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
HTML is alanguage which is used to create web page.
We will discuss . . . . .